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Me buying someone a drink that later shows me some sort of love can be construed as unethical.

For many this did not happen to the degree that they had hoped.

So documents written in the first year that Charles II was on the throne would actually be styled 12 Charles II.

Oscar party, taking a quick inventory of the famous faces in my field of vision—Larry David, Cameron Diaz, Mick Jagger, Anjelica Huston, Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife, Isla Fisher—I noticed a group of well-turned-out guests forming a loose perimeter around two instantly recognizable men.

He seemed to think that Kim was sleeping with folks and then going around and giving them high album ratings.

Where we draw the line about ethics has always been murky-from day one.

Most people today are still familiar with the classic Roman numerals.

The Calendar Act 1752 brought about further changes.

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So I suggest that, having broken it off, you henceforth avoid all contact with the young man.