Dating a woman on the rebound

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Dating a woman on the rebound

This has always been, is, and will always be at the core of male nature among humans and many other living beings.For some men this stage of life is short, and by late 20’s or early 30’s they “snap” out of it.

So many women can recount numerous relationships during which they found out that their guy was not faithful.Sometimes, they guy would be cheating on them with some random girl that he met at work or at a bar, while at other times it would be someone the girl knew fairly well or it was even her friend.Being scarred by prior disappointments in guys who cheated on them, many women are unable to enjoy their present relationship, even when everything seems to be great, because of that constant fear that sooner or later their boyfriend, or a husband will cheat on them, just like the others did in the past.In other words, there are few things more cruel than dragging an unwitting new partner into your emotional baggage while letting them believe your new relationship is the real deal.Sometimes, though, someone won't even admit to that they're rebounding, much less the person they're seeing.

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Not all women are more catlike but to men who tend to go overboard with too much affection too soon (that act too much like affectionate dogs that run up to their master when she gets home and bury her with attention), keeping that exaggerated metaphor in mind will help them to treat them in a less smothering and more balanced way. The dog in me is always longing to get out with the right woman though and cover her with affection. I feel like I have built a dam to hold it back but the rains keep falling and the reservoir is always brimming to the top. Why do women discount and dismiss men who are eager to commit themselves right away? Women understand the male role as the gatekeeper of commitment, just as we are the gatekeepers of sex.