Entitymanager merge not updating accomodating intraocular lens

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Calling merge on a detached object will return the managed copy of the object.A detached object is one that is not managed in the current persistence context.A very strange is the element, if I get a copy from Lazy Data Model, and I get other copy from entity Manager, nothing of copy's store with merge.If the same object is read again, in the same persistence context, or traversed through another managed object's relationship, the same identical ( on a new object will also make it become managed.Let say the item object was already modified (different from the database record) while it was detached.When we execute merge() it will update the databse with the changes.

In the first case the entity is saved, in the latter case it is updated.I am trying to update an entity in the database from a web client that calls a method in a stateful session bean.Is there an existing row in the table with that id?Either way will add an entity to a Persistence Context, the difference is in what you do with the entity afterwards.Persist takes an entity instance, adds it to the context and makes that instance managed (ie future updates to the entity will be tracked) Merge creates a new instance of your entity, copies the state from the supplied entity, and makes the new copy managed.

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