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I feel honored to have the chance to help them build a trusting environment where we can discuss, explore, get angry about and work on changing these issues.

I learn something new in my job every day; it is exciting to bear witness to the insight that young people bring to these discussions when they are given the opportunity to share." - Rebecca Goldberg, Prevention Educator At New Beginnings, you'll find a close-knit group of passionate, dedicated professionals working with program participants and other community members to end domestic violence.

And once we get the knack of finding meaningful messages in the lyrics of these songs, we can apply the same technique to our favorites and create playlists to help us make the most of every area of our lives.

So let’s harness the power of music to make a fresh start!

We offer generous benefits and competitive salaries.

We encourage staff members to further their educational pursuits, and offer monthly in-service training.

You have been through this blogging journey with me for many years now and I’ve shared many deep and emotional events, so I think it’s only fair to continue this open relationship and share my true feelings and thoughts with you. Being in a relationship and working with your significant other proved to be much more challenging than we both thought.

Louisa Whitehead-Payne, High50's Dating Columnist, is spending Christmas with her new boyfriend Delightful Dick and his grown-up children, Emma and Jon.

And she is bringing her dog to visit for the first time.

I hope I have got the presents right, spending on DD roughly what he had spent for my birthday, with two posh presents and a stocking from Santa. I am making dinner tonight and I am the first person who has been allowed to cook in DD's pristine kitchen. I perform my best delighted act, but I can't see how you could give someone you love such an impersonal present. A bit of an overreaction perhaps, but I definitely don't feel seen or known.

And Baxter is the first dog ever to have crossed the immaculate threshold. Christmas Day dawns and Santa has visited DD but has not left me with so much as a lump of coal. Not such a big miss as we had not discussed whether Santa might visit. The children arrive and we sit down to the best Christmas dinner I have ever tasted, despite DDs relentless self-criticism on the culinary details. Phoning Home And Feeling Distant As soon as the kids depart, I make calls to my family to wish them Happy Christmas.

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I made new friends, had new adventures, put myself out there again, stepped completely outside my comfort zone, found the courage to take chances on myself and on love and on other people…