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In October last year, LINE revealed that it had 170 million monthly active users, out of over 560 million registered users.

We Chat on the other hand, revealed that it had over 468.1 million active users in the third quarter of 2014.

We conjure up these beliefs in our head so we have something to talk about. It’s all about creating drama and phony intimacy and feeling a fake sense of empowerment. They will let you believe whatever you want, as long as it gets them laid and there is very little hassle involved. If it’s good and she doesn’t freak out, they’ll come back for more.

I once wrote a review about dating Indonesian girls and where to meet them.

The need to know what, exactly, a dynamic is or isn’t is inherently female. The issue of emotional and physical safety is used as the reasoning, but that has little to do with it.

There was a time when we used to use the native messaging feature on phones to send text messages to one another, but that is now a thing of the past.With the high number of users on these messaging platforms, it’s evident that many turn to them not just as tools to connect with friends and family, but also to discover other users through built-in features on these messaging apps.Within We Chat, for instance, there’s a nifty ‘People Nearby’ tab which allows you to browse and search for similar users near you, and connect with them. You can even pay for things in any shop using We Chat and I mean without the use of a credit card. It also includes free video calls and sending of photos while people will often send brief audio messages instead of calling.

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He was genuinely upset when Hillary lost the election, and made a big thing about going on the women’s march. He's got a new girlfriend, and his old girlfriend's the last to know.