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What’s interesting about Saul Guerrero, I got the same sort of response from most of my devotees from [my role on the series] “Longmire.” But that’s exactly why I like doing a role like this.

It changes people’s perception, it allows me to do something different and it lets me use some muscles that are different from when I’m playing the good guy. Even before I read the script, I had this faith that he was going to be articulate and interesting and a self-professed narcissist.

In real life, I try to be a good guy and when you get a chance to shed [that], you get to do anything you want.

You don’t play him as this over-the-top evil character. The beauty of it is, when you’re presented with something that’s this good on the page, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We just knew that it was going to be more than one, so they used [the term] “multiple episodes.” With this particular genre, it’s one with twists and turns and massive clandestine conspiracy going on.

The ninth episode of “Blindspot” doesn’t just allow for leads Jane and Weller (Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton) to get gussied up to go undercover as world-class assassins. 16 on NBC, Variety talks to Phillips about how a nice guy like him ended up playing someone so manipulative and corrupt.

It also banks more screen time for Lou Diamond Phillips as Saul Guerrero, the currently incarcerated crime boss who has the potential to be the undoing for Mayfair (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and Carter (Michael Gaston) since he was unwittingly the cover-up for their NSA-related Daylight operation. Creator Martin Gero told Variety he’d worked with you before and that he wanted you for this part. (Laughs) Yeah, the [character’s] kind of a jerk and hey Lou Diamond comes to mind!

The two have tried to escape the girl's enforced marriage to another man, in ...

See full summary » Years after the death of legendary tea master Rikyu, his disciple Honkakubo attempts to resolve the mystery of the master's death.

That’s the first time Audrey (Esparza, who plays FBI Agent Zapata) had been on a helicopter and that’s a heck of a first helicopter ride — firing an M4 and sitting next to Lou Diamond Phillips. He really started to see her value and see her as a three-dimensional person.

ET: TMZ has learned that Phillips was released from jail on his own recognizance at p.m. Representatives for Phillips tell TMZ that no charges will be filed and that the entire incident was a "misunderstanding." TMZ has learned that actor Lou Diamond Phillips was arrested early Friday morning for alleged domestic violence. The couple had apparently gotten into a heated verbal disagreement that escalated and allegedly became physical.

and found Phillips and his live-in girlfriend in an argument.

By Dave Mc Nary Bellamy Young has signed on to star in thriller "The Night Stalker" opposite Lou Diamond Phillips, Variety has learned.

Young, who portrays first lady of the United States Mellie Grant in ABC’s…

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